Researcher - Computer & Telecommunications Engineering                                                 2019-2022

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Project : Cloud-based Scalability and Heterogeneous Modelling on Low-code Engineering Platform

Description :  The research project is based on cloud-based modelling environment supporting abstraction, multi-view and heterogeneous modelling platforms. We target to reduce time at least for 50% for building editors (compared to manual coding), while the abstraction techniques on cloud can handle models with millions of elements.

Languages : JSON, XML, JavaScript, TypeScript

Tools : Eclipse IDE 2020-03, Rho Engine, PsiServer, ROSE, R Studio

Master's Degree - Software Engineering                                                                                   2012-2016

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Thesis : Robust Real-Time Video Streaming Analysis Algorithm for Situation Awareness through Hand Gestures

Description : Develop a system which performs two major tasks; one is to recognize and classify the hand gesture; and secondly recognize the particular activity going on in the particular scenario by detecting the corresponding hand gesture. 

Languages : VC#. Net, MATLAB 

Tools : MATLAB 9.0, Visual Studio.NET 2013, Afroge.Net Framework, Emgu Cv, LaTex

Bachelor's Degree - Software Engineering                                                                                2002-2006


Thesis : Video Based Effective Density Measurement for Wireless Traffic Control Application

Description :  Design a system for controlling and adjusting phase timings at all signalized intersections with the purpose of allocating more green light time for roads with heavier traffic flows at the expense of less loaded roadways and, by doing so, to relieve the most jammed parts of the network. This is achieved by calculating traffic density on all road intersections, and then by adjusting phase signal timings to ease the most congested roadways.

Languages : VC#. Net, MATLAB

Tools : MATLAB 7.0, Visual Studio .NET 2005